All soils and clays tend to move and creep gradually due to seasonal and temperature changes, often causing unsupported or non reinforced concrete structures to visibly crack. The drying and curing process can also cause new concrete to crack. Atlas highly recommends the use of steel reinforcing products in any situation where extra strength and non-cracking properties are required.


Steel rods are designated by diameter, and are available in 10, 12, 16 and 20mm diameters and are sold in either mild steel or high tensile ratings. All steel rods are a standard six meters in length.


Atlas also stock a wide range of associated steel products, including, steel mesh, steel stirrups and links for constructing steel box sections for footings, steel rod cutters, bolt cutters and rod benders.


Large steel deliveries and made to order cages, box section or special products can usually be arranged with a few days notice. Delivery is available from all our depots on our 6 Wheeler or 4 Wheeler 4x4.