Basecourse or Hard Fill is used primarily as a bedding base for a wide range of applications and often referred to as "Gap" and is short for "general all passing", and contains all chip sizes up to a nominal stated size.


Excavated from the quarry face and processed through a huge crusher then graded into the four sizes this product is the basis for all construction including roads, concrete, builders mix etc.


Available bagged or in bulk ex our yards. Delivery is available by the cubic meter on Truck & Trailers, 6 Wheeler or 4 Wheeler 4x4.


Gap 8 is the ideal product. It beds down to a compact, smooth finished surface, is very easy to move around on site, and facilitates in the leveling of large areas prior to paving or concreting.

GAP 20

Gap 20 is used in any situation where a bedding base is required, for example under paving stones or under concrete, Also used as a light drainage fill behind block walls, and can even be mixed with sand and cement to form a light, smooth, solid fill.

GAP 40

Gap 40 is commonly used for a base metal for under metal driveways, under paving or as a base layer under concrete. The most popular size in the range, a very versatile product that packs in extremely well to give a firm base.

GAP 65

Gap 65 is a heavy grade fill used for building site access and areas of soft ground that need stabilising. Used in subdivision and commercial areas for a sub base where soft ground is a problem.