Our Story


Since its formation over 70 years ago on Auckland’s North Shore, Atlas Concrete has grown with Auckland.

In many ways Atlas has helped lay the foundations of this vibrant city.

All of the Company’s operations are still concentrated throughout the Auckland region from its core pre-mix and associated specialist concrete manufacturing divisions through to quarrying of aggregates; sand dredging and barging; building supplies and the recycling of concrete product.

The Company’s close association with Auckland is mirrored in its even closer partnership with the region’s major builders, construction organisations and architects, both civil and civic. Working with the industry, Atlas has developed, and is continuing to design and introduce, innovative engineered solutions to speed construction and reduce costs.

Atlas understands Auckland, for the past 60 years it has helped build it. The Company is stronger now than it has ever been, it’s solid reputation amongst its building partners is the envy of others.

Atlas Concrete, a great company for a great City.

Early days

Shortly after the end of the Second World War Melville “Bunny” Collie went into business selling sand, metal chip and shingle in Takapuna, the Company prospered and it wasn’t long before the resourceful Mr. Collie went into sub- dividing land on the North Shore.

Sub-division meant roads and buildings which needed concrete and other building materials. Bunny Collie sold, or had access to, the basic materials, so nothing was simpler than to make the product himself. It wasn’t long before Bunny was developing land and building some of the first shops and offices in Takapuna and Birkenhead. Many are still there today.

Atlas Group today

Today, Atlas employs over 280 people, operates over 120 concrete delivery trucks and around 70 other specialist vehicles and handling equipment. Every piece of machinery and plant from the three massive sand barges, the quarry operation, the specialist concrete pre- cast and pre-mix divisions is 100% company owned and operated.

The company is run today by Bunny Collie’s son Graham, still headquartered in the original Wairau Road site developed by his father.

With Graham’s brother Steven managing the Mount Rex operation and his son Andrew working in the Recycling Division, Atlas is still very much a family business today.