Concrete Blocks

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Concrete Blocks are a great way of building walls for retaining and soundproofing, and can create a beautiful feature for your home or commercial project.

Atlas supply a wide range of concrete building blocks, sourced from one of the leading manufacturers. Extensive experience, combined with high quality aggregates and cement, produce concrete building blocks that meet todays construction industry demanding standards. Blocks are available in 10, 15, 20 and 25 “series” and are shaped to suit specific building requirements.


Concrete blocks have a lot of advantages as a building material:


Blocks outlive most other building materials. Strength by including reinforcing steel and the correct blockfill, concrete blocks supply significant structural integrity to homes and commercial buildings.

Sound Protection

The structure and density offer good sound deadening.

Fire Resistance

Concrete Blocks won’t readily burn.

Thermal Properties

Heat is retained and thermal swings reduced.

Block Fill Volume Guide

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