Admixtures, Additives and Adhesives

Cemix Range


Cemix Waterproofing Admixture

Improves the waterproofing properties of cement mixes.


Cemix Multibond

A ​high performance​ latex bonding agent for bonding of a variety of products such as concrete, toppings, screeds, pavers, mortars and plasters.


Cemix Cemplus

A very active non-staining liquid which readily mixes with water to improve the workability and adhesion of cement mortar and plaster.

Cemix Cemkey Concentrate

Allows the laying of new concrete screeds and renders, without the need to mechanically roughen the existing surface to obtain a bond.

Cemix Acrylbond

An acrylic​ water resistant modifier and bonding agent used for improving and bonding floor toppings, plasters and mortars, repairs of worn, damaged or spalled concrete, floor screeds, toppings and concrete repair systems.

Cemix Accelerset

A calcium chloride based accelerator used with Portland Cement mortars, renders and concrete where ​acceleration​ of the set and high early strength development is required.

Cemix Aquastop

Recommended as an effective, decorative waterproofing coating on ​interior​ or exterior concrete, masonry, concrete block, mortar, plaster, stucco and brick.

Cemix Crystal Proof

A surface-applied, crystalline concrete waterproofing and durability enhancing material, which waterproofs and protects all types of concrete.

Cemix Quick Patch

A fast setting, fibre reinforced, polymer and micro silica modified concrete repair mortar for horizontal, vertical & overhead patching & feather edged applications.

Cemix Easypli

A powder formulated especially for the bricklayer and block layer who is looking for a high yield, low cost, plasticiser using a combination of non-toxic, non-staining chemical powders.

Cemix Mortarflex Plus

A highly concentrated powder that will plasticise, increase open time, retain water, help prevent efflorescence, shrinking and cracking, reduce water absorption and increase bond and strength.

Cemix Concrete Dissolver

A “mineral-acid” alternative with no sulfuric, muriatic, hydrochloric or phosphoric acids. It has no fumes and is 100% biodegradable, non-toxic and environmentally green liquid.

Sika Range

Sika® PLUG

A chloride free, ready for use powder based on high alumina cement. When mixed with water, Sika® Plug can be used to seal leaks as a pre-treatment to the installation of a Sikalastic® cementitious waterproofing system.

Sika® Blackseal® Plus

Formulated for use as a waterproof membrane behind retaining walls and as a damp-proof membrane for buried faces of basement structures.

Sika® Purigo 5 S

An economical, easy to use surface hardener and dustproofer for concrete floors.

Sika® Formol

A chemical release agent that has been designed and formulated to function as a bondbreaker between formwork or moulds and freshly placed concrete.

Sika® Rugasol C

A surface retarder used to create an exposed aggregate finish on freshly laid concrete.

Sika® -4 A Waterstop

A rapid setting waterproofing admixture. When mixed with ordinary Portland cement and water, it sets rapidly to seal areas of severe water infiltration through concrete, rock or masonry.

Sikadur® 31 CF

An epoxy, moisture tolerant, thixotropic, structural 2-component adhesive and repair mortar, based on a combination of epoxy resins and special fillers, designed for use at temperatures between +10 °C and +30 °C.

Sikadur® 32

A moisture tolerant, structural, two part bonding agent, based on a combination of epoxy resins and special fillers, designed for use at temperatures between +10 °C and +30 °C.

Sika® Anchorfix®

A solvent and styrene free based, two-component polyester, fast curing anchoring adhesive.

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