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If you work in construction or landscaping, try Atlas products. We’ll will work hard to become your supplier of choice by providing reliable products with great service. If we really hit it off, we’ll also refer business your way should home or business owners come directly to us.

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Atlas Building Materials

Base Course

Base course, or hard fill, is a versatile metal screened to four size grades.

Builder’s Mix

The perfect blend of base course, fines and sand, ready for cement and water to be added.



For all your building, concreting, landscaping and construction needs, we have a product to suit.



Drainage aggregates are free from fines and allow water to easily pass through the gaps.


Hardware & Tools

We stock a full range of tools and hardware products for the concrete industry.

Reinforcing Steel

The primary reinforcing product for all large coverage concrete applications is steel.

Bagged Products

You can buy most of the above products in bagged form, as well as cement and lime.

Admixtures & Additives

To change the properties of
your mix and achieve a superior
end result.

Concrete Blocks

Atlas supply a wide range of concrete building blocks, sourced from one of the leading manufacturers.

Precast Concrete Walls

Our Silverdale plant produces finished pre-cast concrete walls and panels in a variety of finishes and texture, shapes and sizes to meet the precise requirements of each new construction.

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Suction Truck

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Wash Off

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