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Atlas Concrete operates a sand dredging business – Mt Rex Shipping, from Helensville.

We supply sand to our own concrete businesses and to domestic and commercial users. We are aware of the importance of preserving the environment that surrounds such operations – ensuring it is maintained, regenerated and natural. The Kaipara Harbour is a place we admire and respect, that provides quality product and a safe, accessible place to run a dredging business.

Wide Range

For all your building, concreting, landscaping and construction needs, Atlas has a product to suit.

Delivery Available

All products are available bagged or in bulk ex our yards. Delivery is available by the cubic meter on Truck & Trailers, 6 Wheeler or 4 Wheeler 4×4.

Guaranteed Supply

We operate our own dredge in the Kaipara Harbour to guarantee sand supplies for our own concrete business and for supply to domestic and commercial users.


Suitable for all domestic concrete applications, and most commercial jobs, this product is always available ex stock from any of our Auckland depots. Kaipara sand is still one of the largest single product lines we supply, and is available in bulk, per meter and bagged quantities. Used in concrete production at all our plants.



Puni Sand is a lighter grade pumice mix sand. Sourced from south of Auckland from the Waikato River at Puni. The raw materials consist of a mixture of river sand and small gravelly pumice particles in roughly equal proportions.

Others Available:

Number 1 River

From the Waikato River ideal for sweeping into gaps between paving.


Blended mix of sea & river sands, very popular and widely used throughout the masonry industry. Used by bricklayers and plasterers because it is finer than what you would use for concrete.

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