Concrete recycling is the smart, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly way to reuse aggregate left behind when structures are demolished or heavily renovated. Concrete can either be taken to landfills for disposal or to a recycling plant. Atlas Concrete encourage the use of their three recycling plants in the Auckland region. Here are three key benefits of recycling concrete.


1. Avoids the Landfill – Concrete is non-biodegradable and takes up valuable landfill space. Recycling allows the concrete to be crushed and used in other applications, consequently reducing the need for more landfills.

2. Reduces the need for Mining – Less mining means more valuable resources are preserved for future generations. Recycling concrete into usable aggregate consumes less energy than processing new stone.

3. Application – Recycled concrete can be used in many construction projects, such as road foundation, landscape materials, soil stabilisation, pipe bedding, ready mix concrete and exposed aggregate concrete.


While the practice of recycling concrete is relatively new, it’s gradually becoming more popular. It’s easy to understand to why, given the benefits mentioned above. Learn more click here


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Shane Coutts

August 18, 2021

Atlas Concrete will be closed for supply under the Alert Level 4 enforcement of non-essential business closure. The re-opening of Atlas Concrete Auckland is scheduled for Wednesday 25th August 2021.

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Atlas Concrete, Atlas Tilt Slab and Mt Rex Shipping are all in the Auckland Region and will be operating under Alert Level 3 conditions from 12pm 12th August.

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February 14, 2021

We trust you and your families are safe and well in lockdown and are looking forward to a return to work under Alert Level 3 restrictions.