Permeable Concrete

The future of sustainable driveways and paving.

Revolutionize Your Projects with Eco-Friendly Permeable Concrete

Make a lasting impact with your footpath, paving or driveway whilst contributing to a greener future. Atlas permeable concrete transforms the way you think about paving with environmentally friendly concrete.

Atlas Permeable Concrete

Atlas permeable concrete extends the Atlas Concrete range and represents a sustainable and innovative approach to New Zealand’s urban development. Impervious surfaces contribute to rapid runoff into drains, rivers and streams contributing to ground instability and flooding. Atlas permeable concrete addresses critical issues related to stormwater runoff. The porous characteristics prevent surface pooling allowing water to flow through to the ground below.

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Maximise space with Atlas permeable concrete

Atlas permeable concrete allows for maximum building coverage. It provides a surface excluded from the Auckland Unitary Plans’ definition of an impervious area. Choosing Atlas permeable concrete for paths and driveways supports your ability to meet the standards and support stormwater management.


Permeable concrete should always be installed by a concrete layer qualified and experienced with permeable products.

Contact your local Atlas Concrete office or your Atlas Concrete Account Manager for a list of installers recommended by Atlas Concrete.


All permeable concrete systems require maintenance to retain their functionality. Atlas Concrete recommends that Atlas permeable concrete surfaces are thoroughly cleaned every 6-12 months for optimal function.

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