Historically, industries such as schools, hospitals and warehouses generally used polished concrete flooring. Today we have seen an increase in the popularity of polished concrete flooring in other industries and in residential homes. Check out below the benefits and features to understand why it is becoming the flooring choice of the future.


1. Cost Effective – Spending extra on floor covering materials like carpets and tiles is not required when using polished concrete floors. Moreover, polished concrete flooring decreases tyre wear, cleaning and maintenance costs.

2. Unlimited Design Options – Polishing concrete produces eye-catching results and can be customised to meet your specific flooring preferences. Whether shined or ground to reveal the aggregate, polished concrete floors can imitate the appearance of marble, granite or terrazzo. There is also decorative options by using stains and dyes in a variety of colours.

3. Low Maintenance and Healthy – Polished concrete flooring is quick and easy to care for. Unlike wooden floors there is no need for stripping or waxing. They also do not trap dust, dirt, allergens, mildew and moisture like other flooring systems do.

4. Environmentally Friendly – Maintaining polished concrete floor does not use hazardous chemicals or products. Recycled concrete can be used in the production of polished concrete floors. This not only reduces landfill waste but also preserves resources for future generations.



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